February 10, 2024

SW vs DV ILT20 Today Match Prediction: Who Will Win Today's Match? Match No. 30th

Get accurate SW vs DV ILT20 today match prediction for Match No. 30th. Find out who will win today's match between Sharjah Warriors and Desert Vipers.

International League T20: SW vs DV Match Prediction

Who will win today’s match between Sharjah vs Vipers?

Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers International League T20 100% Sure Today Match Prediction - Who Wins the Toss between SW vs DV, Match No. 30th? Read on to know the ILT20 T20 2024 complete accurate cricket match predictions.
SW vs DV ILT20 Today Match Prediction: Who Will Win Today's Match? Match No. 30th
Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers 30th Match Full Details
  • Date & Time: 11 February 2024 at 8.00 PM
  • Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah
  • Format: T20

Today we are examining here with regards to the ILT20T20 match between Desert Vipers and Sharjah Warriors. 100% Sure Today Match Prediction.

Cricket Showdown in Sharjah: Warriors vs. Vipers

Today, cricket enthusiasts are in for an electrifying encounter as the 30th match of the International League T20 is scheduled to take place at the iconic Sharjah Cricket Stadium.
The showdown will feature the Sharjah Warriors locking horns with the Desert Vipers, who currently find themselves languishing at the bottom of the league standings. For the Warriors, emerging victorious in this clash is imperative if they harbor any aspirations of staying in contention for a coveted playoff spot.

Team Preparations and Form

The Warriors enter this crucial fixture fresh off a resounding victory in their previous outing, albeit their batting lineup has been a cause for concern in recent matches. Conversely, the Vipers boast a relatively stronger batting unit and are poised to pose a formidable challenge.

Player Performances

The scintillating knock of 30 runs off 13 balls by Liam Livingstone in the previous encounter showcased the Warriors' potential. Furthermore, the aggressive batting prowess of Kohler-Cadmore adds depth to their lineup, complemented by the experience of stalwarts such as Martin Guptill, Joe Denly, and Sean Williams.

Anticipation Builds

As anticipation mounts for this riveting encounter, both teams are primed to deliver stellar performances in pursuit of victory. Cricket aficionados are urged to brace themselves for an enthralling spectacle as the Sharjah Warriors and the Desert Vipers square off in what promises to be a gripping showdown!

Who Will win today Match

Talking about the winning team of this match. Although any team can win this match, the team that will give its best contribution in this match can have more chances to win.

Toss Prediction

The toss prediction for the Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers match is a crucial aspect. The toss, which is determined by flipping a coin, relies solely on luck and does not involve any particular skill. Taking into account the current circumstances and the home constellation of the Desert Vipers team's captain, it seems that luck is favoring him. Therefore, it can be expected that Desert Vipers will succeed in winning the toss for this match.

Dream11 Team Prediction

SW vs DV Probable XIs: Sharjah Warriors Playing Squads:
  • Niroshan Dickwella (wk), Tom Kohler-Cadmore (c), Liam Livingstone, Sean Williams, Joe Denly, Daniel Sams, James Fuller, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Junaid Siddique, Muhammad Jawadullah
Desert Vipers Playing Squads:
  • Rohan Mustafa, Alex Hales, Philip Salt (wk), Michael Jones, Colin Munro (c), Sam Curran, Adam Hose, Daniel Lawrence, Ali Naseer, Mohammad Amir, Nathan Sowter

"SW" vs "DV" Perfect & Best combination of Dream11 Team

Position Player Team
Captain Liam Livingstone SW
Vice-Captain Rohan Mustafa DV
Batter Tom Kohler-Cadmore SW
Bowler Mohammad Amir DV
All Rounder Sean Williams SW
Wicketkeeper Philip Salt DV

Winning Probability

Winning probability for today’s DV vs SW ILT20 fixture:
  • Sharjah has a 60% chance to win this match
  • Vipers has a 40% chance to win this match

FAQs Q: What is the importance of the toss in cricket matches? A: The toss determines which team gets to choose whether to bat or bowl first. It can significantly impact the outcome of the game. Q: How is the Dream11 team selected? A: The Dream11 team is selected based on player performance, team strategy, and match conditions.


In conclusion, the SW vs DV match promises to be a thrilling encounter with both teams vying for victory. Stay tuned for live updates and enjoy the excitement of ILT20 cricket!
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