Caribbean Premier League, 2018

August 08, Wed  Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Lucia Stars, 1st Match 5:30 AM (August 09)
August 09, Thu  Guyana Amazon Warriors vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, 2nd Match 3:30 AM (August 10)
August 10, Fri  Trinbago Knight Riders vs Jamaica Tallawahs, 3rd Match 5:30 AM (August 11)
August 11, Sat  Guyana Amazon Warriors vs St Lucia Stars, 4th Match 1:30 AM (August 12)
                   Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, 5th Match
August 12, Sun  Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Barbados Tridents, 6th Match 3:30 AM (August 13)
August 14, Tue  Jamaica Tallawahs vs St Lucia Stars, 7th Match 4:30 AM (August 15)
August 15, Wed  Jamaica Tallawahs vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, 8th Match 4:30 AM (August 16)
August 16, Thu  St Lucia Stars vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 9th Match 5:30 AM (August 17)
August 17, Fri  St Lucia Stars vs Barbados Tridents, 10th Match 6:30 AM (August 18)
August 18, Sat  Jamaica Tallawahs vs Guyana Amazon Warriors, 11th Match 5:30 AM (August 19)
August 19, Sun  Jamaica Tallawahs vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 12th Match 3:30 AM (August 20)
August 21, Tue  St Lucia Stars vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, 13th Match 3:30 AM (August 22)
August 22, Wed  Jamaica Tallawahs vs Barbados Tridents, 14th Match 3:30 AM (August 23)
August 24, Fri  St Lucia Stars vs Guyana Amazon Warriors, 15th Match 6:30 AM (August 25)
August 25, Sat  Barbados Tridents vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, 16th Match 1:30 AM (August 26)
                    St Lucia Stars vs Jamaica Tallawahs, 17th Match 5:30 AM (August 26)
August 26, Sun  Barbados Tridents vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 18th Match 3:30 AM (August 27)
August 28, Tue  St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Guyana Amazon Warriors, 19th Match 3:30 AM (August 29)
August 29, Wed  Barbados Tridents vs Jamaica Tallawahs, 20th Match 5:30 AM (August 30)
August 30, Thu  St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs St Lucia Stars, 21st Match 3:30 AM (August 31)
August 31, Fri  Barbados Tridents vs Guyana Amazon Warriors, 22nd Match 5:30 AM (Sep 01)
Sep 01, Sat  St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 23rd Match 3:30 AM (Sep 02)
Sep 02, Sun Barbados Tridents vs St Lucia Stars, 24th Match 11:30 PM
                     St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Jamaica Tallawahs, 25th Match 3:30 AM (Sep 03)
Sep 04, Tue  St Kitts and Nevis Patriots vs Barbados Tridents, 26th Match 3:30 AM (Sep 05)
Sep 05, Wed  Trinbago Knight Riders vs Guyana Amazon Warriors, 27th Match 5:30 AM (Sep 06)
Sep 07, Fri  Trinbago Knight Riders vs Barbados Tridents, 28th Match 5:30 AM (Sep 08)
Sep 08, Sat  Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Jamaica Tallawahs, 29th Match 5:30 AM (Sep 09)
Sep 09, Sun Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 30th Match 3:30 AM (Sep 10)
Sep 11, Tue  TBC vs TBC, Qualifier 1 3:30 AM (Sep 12)
Sep 12, Wed  TBC vs TBC, Eliminator 3:30 AM (Sep 13)
Sep 14, Fri  TBC vs TBC, Qualifier 2 5:30 AM (Sep 15)
Sep 16, Sun  TBC vs TBC, Final 2:30 AM (Sep 17)

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